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It's structured, transparent and clear. Standardization and harmonization lead to a shorter lead-time in decision-making. Using Trial Eye enables me to make more efficient use of my own capacity / hours.
Wendy Heuts
Wendy Heuts
Research Coordinator Oncology, VieCuri

The transparency of the financial agreements is an additional advantage for both the participating study sites & departments and the sponsor

2019, vol. 10: 2: p.21

What is also pleasant is that local IRB approval is automated and it is clearly visible at what stage the trial approval is.

Elina van de Velde-Takala
Elina van de Velde-Takala
Research Nurse, ZorgSaam

From VitroScan I now only have to deal with all aspects to be arranged centrally at once, after which iClusion can roll out everything tot the participating hospitals

2019 - vol 10 - nr 5

The main purpose of the iClusion platform is to speed up the local startup of Clinical Trials. This platform therefore makes every effort to ensure that this submission process is as streamlined as possible.

Yorik Visser
Yorik Visser
Research Coordinator, HagaZiekenhuis

The Hartwig Medical Foundation and iClusion collaboration makes it easier to identify to which studies a patient's mutation profile provides access to.

2018 - vol 9 - nr 5

From my professional point of view, the platform gives access to all the information I need, giving the opportunity to 1 way of working and saving a lot of time in the various processes that my work consists of.

Leonie Driesen-Ooms
Leonie Driesen-Ooms
Research Nurse, Maasstad Ziekenhuis

A big advantage is that the Trial Eye platform reduces bureaucracy and increases the efficiency of patient-related research through standardized and automated processes.

november 2020, page 31

For everyone it is transparent what the study is about, what time investment is needed and what the monetary consequences are.

Ilona van Rooij
Ilona van Rooij
Research Nurse Oncology, VieCuri