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Find out more about the central Match Point module and the people and company behind Trial Eye.

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Trial-Eye is featuring an always up-to-date database for oncology clinical trials

With a vision of continuously increasing access to clinical trials it's obvious to feature an always UpToDate database of ongoing clinical trials in which patients can participate.

Match-Point is this database and the main and central module of the Trial Eye infrastructure. Match-Point is the start of every patient / clinical trial match and all the other Trial Eye modules and features help sponsors and study sites to startup clinical trials fast at that location where the patient is in need of an extra treatment option.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been nominated for the Value-Based Health Care Grant & endorsement 2021!

Would you like to know more about #VBHC and the #VBHCDragons2021, then visit www.vbhcprize.com or www.vbhc.nl.

The team

The iCluders servicing Trial Eye

Powered by iClusion

iClusion's mission is to provide oncologists and their patients with easy, reliable and standardized access to clinical trials through specially designed platforms. The professional Trial Eye platform for research professionals makes it possible for drug developers and physicians to conduct clinical research close to the patient. The public Heyleys platform makes it possible for patients to easily find clinical research and to discuss participation with the treating physician. While Heyleys means extra treatment opportunities for patients, Trial Eye means:

  1. For doctors

    • More treatment options
    • Increased access to innovative drugs
    • Maintain patient relationships
  2. For hospitals

    • Transparency in clinical trials
    • Participation in more trials
    • Quality of Care
  3. For government

    • Faster market authorizations within regulatory compliance
  4. For study sponsors

    • Shorter duration of trials
    • Shorter time to market
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