We believe clinical trials should always be an option

That's why Trial Eye creates an ecosystem that connects study sponsors, study sites, oncologists and patients making this possible.

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Access to future treatments

Clinical trials don’t just advance science; they also serve as in-the-moment treatment alternatives for patients.

iClusion aims to make the clinical trial process faster, more effective, and more accessible for cancer patients and oncologists. The Trial Eye platform connects study sponsors, study sites, oncologists and their patients in a closed-loop ecosystem.

Rather than each group remaining siloed Trial Eye invites various stakeholders to connect and start up clinical trials and recruit patients in a fast & easy, transparent & accessible and harmonized & standardized manner. This speeds up clinical trial processes and patient recruitment and therefore the entire drug development process.

iClusion believes its network model is nothing short of revolutionary. This is the only initiative designed from the viewpoint of the 2 most important stakeholders within clinical trials; the patient and their treating physician. If they have easy access to clinical trials and can participate, drug development can speed up.

The footprint iClusion wants to leave on this planet, through professional service Trial Eye and public service Heyleys is changing the lives of patients.

Hanneke Janssen
CEO iClusion
Hanneke Janssens handtekening
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The Trial Eye Paradigm

A revolutionary online infrastructure resulting in

  1. Better collaboration

    By harmonizing and standardizing processes for both study sponsor and study site.

  2. More studies

    By decreasing administrative workload, study sites can perform more trials for more patients.

  3. Faster startup

    Automated workflows facilitate fast local approval and initiation of clinical trials speeding up drug development.

  4. Always up-to-date

    All network sites updated with one click on new trials and new or amended trial documents.

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